Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DNA testing beyond YDNA and mtDNA

The newest DNA testing is Autosomal and it looks for long fragments of DNA inherited from our ancestors and matches them.  Here's a great and short explanation of autosomal DNA from the University of Utah's Genetic Science Learning Center.   

I had my autosomal DNA tested by Family Tree DNA, the same company that did my mtDNA.  So far, I haven't connected to any Livingston/Levingston family members.  That's because not many have been tested yet.  I have connected to others in my maternal ancestral line of Starns out of SW Virginia.  I feel good being in the forefront of this new genealogical tool. 


  1. My Liebenstein ancestors settled near the Ohio river in the early nineteenth century and our E1b1b1a Y haplotype traces to the Duhren region of Germany. Have you had any family tested by 23andMe? I agree, it would be interesting to look for autosomal traces of the Liebensteins.

    1. Is this the same Robert Livingston as is on the Livingston/MacLea Yahoo Group, the one from Seattle. We need to talk about our Duhren L* immigrants. Janet S.