Sunday, April 25, 2010

Goris = Gregory

Tonight I was trying to figure out the name "Goris."  I found 5 men in the 1500s with that name in one database, two from Holland and three from Switzerland.  Two of these Swiss men were from Zurich, where we first find Goris Liebenstein.  Then I found a "Gregory (Gorius) __________."  Guess it is the given name for "Gregory".  Our Goris has a grandson named Gregorius, probably also the same given name.  My German professor son-in-law said that the name Hans is short for Johannes. Guess that should have been obvious.  So we have three generations in Switzerland: Gorius Liebenstein (b. abt 1570), his son Hannss (b. 1602, Albisrieden, Zurich, Switz.) and his grandson Gregorius (b. 1639, Zurich). 

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  1. Since posting this, I have learned that the name of Goris' first born son Jagli is actually James in Swiss. Interesting!! We do have some James Liebenstein's in later generations.